89590 SOS Toenail 10ml (護甲SOS精油)



適合所有膚質。 Jayanti科研經過持續研究,推出解決及預防各種指甲問題,如甲癣,指甲發黃或受損的護理産品。茶樹、迷迭香和桉樹精油具有抗真菌作用,配合蘆薈凝膠的再生和保護功效,而摩洛哥堅果油則滋養和加強指甲強韌度。 天然活性成分: 桉樹、迷迭香和茶樹有機精油 - 抗真菌 有機蘆薈凝膠 - 保濕、保護、活性成分誘導劑、細胞再生、收斂、酸化ph值、癒合、舒緩。 有機初榨摩洛哥堅果油 - 滋養、抗氧化、改善彈性、潤膚、調理、細胞再生、重新平衡ph、增強皮膚的抵抗防禦。 使用方法: 先清潔雙手, 用指甲挫輕磨走指甲表層角質, 然後才塗上護甲SOS精油, 在指甲下方和上方塗抹1-2滴,每天3次。 SOS Toenail Suitable for all skin type. Jayanti laboratories have studied this product to solve and prevent the onset of various toenail problems such as onychomycosis, yellow or damaged nails. The essential oils of tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus contained give an antifungal action, the aloe vera gel regenerates and protects, while the Argan oil nourishes and strengthens. Natural active ingredients content are: Organic essentail oil of eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree - antifugal action Organic aloe vera gel - moisturising, protective, a carrying agent of active ingredients, cell regenerating, astringent, acidifies the ph, has cicatrizing properties, soothing. Organic virgin argan oil - nourishing, antioxidant, improves elasticity, emollient, toning, cell regenerating, rebalances ph, strengthens the skin’s immune defenses. Instruction for use: Apply 1/2 drops below and above the nail to be treated 3 times a day.

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