89515 Yin Healing Blend ‘陰’極能量複方精油 10ml



陰’複方精油 這種複方精油旨在幫助身體在陰虛和/或陽盛的情況下調節。在體內的陰代表精液、牙齒、骨骼、荷爾蒙和礦物質。 如果體內存在着這種不平衡,身體將出現乾燥的表現: - 口渴、喉嚨有點乾燥、粘膜有點乾燥、尿液很少 - 輕度盜汗、夜間覺醒、一些多動症和外向性 - 假熱的跡象:臉頰發紅、5個中心點(雙手手掌、雙腳腳底和前額)發熱、因血清素過多而出現的發熱狀態 - 舌頭是紅色的. DESCRIPTION This blend has been designed to help us in cases of Yin deficiency and / or excess Yang, in the body the Yin is represented by liquids, by more compact structures: teeth and bones; from hormones and minerals. From the chance to cool off. If this imbalance is present in our body we will have manifestations of dryness: - Thirst and a little dry throat, a little dry mucous membranes, little urine - Mild night sweats, nocturnal awakenings, some hyperactivity and extroversion - Signs of false heat: red cheeks, heat in the 5 centers (palms, soles and forehead), serotine fever - The tongue is red. 成份:荷荷芭油*、檸檬精油、尤加利精油、薰衣草精油、天竺葵精油、依蘭依蘭精油。 INGREDIENTS: simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, citrus limon peel oil, eucalyptus globulus oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, pelargonium graveolens flower oil, cananga odorata oil. 如何使用陰陽複方精油: 當選定對我們症狀有功效的複方精油: - 每天在腳底和頸背上塗抹幾次。 - 經常吸入(直接從瓶子或放了幾滴的手帕中吸入) HOW TO USE THE YIN / YANG BLENDS: once the blend useful for our case has been identified: - also apply it several times a day on the sole of the foot and on the nape of the neck. - Inhale it often (directly from the bottle or a handkerchief on which a few drops have been placed)

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