84093 Purifying Biphasic Essence 強效浄化平衡雙精華10ml x 4支



適合健康的年輕肌膚、需要重新平衡的肌膚、脂溢性肌膚、窒息性肌膚以及有粉刺肌膚。 Jayanti 浄化平衡雙精華藴含濃縮活性成份,有助於排除毒素、重新平衡皮脂、減少炎症並使面部皮膚轉趨正常。 特別是由Jayanti研發室直接提取的有機蘆薈凝膠,採用獨特的技術完整地保留所有營養精華。高濃度的維生素C和精油複合物具有淨化和抗炎的特性,可減低油性、暗瘡性和混合性皮膚的油光。而有機猴麵包樹油可以液化皮脂,減少粉刺和黑頭形成,使皮膚柔軟、均勻和緊緻。 有機活性成份: 30%有機蘆薈凝膠 - 保濕、防護、活性成份的載體、細胞再生、收斂、酸化 pH值、具有癒合特性、舒緩。 有機猴麵包樹油 - 天然SPF、彈性、平滑、潤膚、抗氧化、滋養。 維生素C - 淨化、美白、活力、刺激膠原蛋白的產生。 精油複合物:淨化、正常化、 使用方法: 晚上睡覺前使用。 使用前搖勻,將8-10毫升產品倒入容器中,將面膜紙浸入,待其充分浸透。將面膜紙敷在臉上並靜待10-15分鐘,取下後輕輕按摩臉部使其完全吸收。 Suitable for healthy and normal young skin, skins to be rebalanced, seborrheic, asphyctic and with acne skin. Jayanti biphasic purifying essence is a concentrate of active ingredients that help eliminate toxins, rebalance sebum, reduce inflammation and generally normalize the skin of the face. In particular, the organic aloe vera extracted directly in our laboratories with techniques that keep intact all its beneficial qualities, the high concentration of vitamin C and the complex of essential oils have purifying and anti-inflammatory properties which counteract the shiny appearance of the oily, impureand combination skin of the face, while the organic Baobab oil fluidifies the sebum and reduces the formation of pimples and blackheads for a soft, uniform and compact skin. Natural active ingredients content are: 30% Organic aloe vera gel - moisturising, protective, a carrying agent of active ingredients, cell regenerating, astringent, acidifies the ph, has cicatrizing properties, soothing. Organic baobab oil - natural SPF, elasticizing, smoothing, emollient, antioxidant, nourishing. C vitamin - purifying, whitening, invigorating, stimulates the production of collagen. Essential oil complex: purifying, normalizing, Instruction for use: Apply in the evening before going to sleep. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE, pour 8/10 ml of product into a small container and immerse the paper mask in it, wait until it is well soaked, apply the mask on the face and keep it on for 13/15 minutes, after having removed it, massage the face to complete the absorption.